Welcome to South Carolina

We hope you enjoy your visit to one of the best beaches in the nation. You will find the people in this area to be friendly and hospitable.

There are restrictions on the use of golf carts in the State of South Carolina. Golf carts must be insured and registered with the SC Dept. of Motor Vehicles and may not be operated:

  • On primary highways
  • More than 4 miles from your residence
  • After dark (½ hr. after sunset until ½ hr. prior to sunrise)
  • By an unlicensed driver
  • On any sidewalk

Parents or guardians allowing an unlicensed child to operate a golf cart are subject to a fine in excess of $200.00. Golf carts being operated in violation of state law are also subject to being towed at owner’s expense.

Golf carts are allowed on secondary roads with a posted speed limit of 35mph or less and can cross primary roads. All state traffic laws must be obeyed and the seating capacity of the golf cart cannot be exceeded.