You need to be at least 21 years old to rent a golf cart. We will need your driver’s license number and your auto insurance policy number as well as the location you are staying at.

In addition to keeping the key with you at all times, the carts come with a cable lock that can be looped through the steering wheel and locked.

Electric carts need to be recharged each night which requires a standard electric outlet and battery charger (provided). We can also supply an extension cord if needed. They are quiet and can go about 15 miles on a full charge. If you will be driving the cart a lot, we recommend charging them anytime you are not using them. Gas carts are louder, but come with a full tank of gas that will last about 100 miles and does not have to be refilled at the end of the rental. Gas carts also handle hills better.

Lifted carts are simply carts that have had lift kits installed to raise them higher off the ground. This allows for much larger tires on the carts. It’s mostly just for looks, although the larger tires do give the cart slightly more speed. Around 2 MPH faster.

LSV stands for Low Speed Vehicle. These are normal golf carts that have been modified to include many car features such as brake lights, horn, seat belts, turn signals, speedometer, windshield wiper, etc. These carts are also allowed to be driven at night. North Carolina does not allow regular golf carts on the roads so you must rent an LSV if staying in North Carolina.

The cart can be parked outside and the rain will not hurt it. They can also be rinsed off with a water hose. Driving in the rain though can cause both electric and gas powered carts to quit working. Water splashed up into the undercarriage on wires will cause electric carts to quit moving and gas carts will quit working when the air intake sucks in water.

Golf carts are treated just like any other motor vehicle. Therefore, you can park it anywhere a normal car would be allowed to park. Some beach accesses have specific golf cart parking, but if those are all full then you would park in a car space. You cannot park on the sand dunes.

Our golf cart rentals are not allowed to be on the beach for any reason anytime of the year.

Reservation deposits are fully refundable up to 24 hours before the delivery date. If you cancel on the day of delivery, you will lose your deposit.

Most of the carts have headlights, but not all of them. Even with headlights though, golf carts are not allowed to be driven at night per SC state law.

The cities and towns of Ocean Isle Beach, Sunset BeachNorth Myrtle Beach, Myrtle Beach, Surfside Beach, and Folly Beach all offer beach wheelchairs. Visitors not staying within the city limits can call Horry County at 843-381-8000 to request a beach wheelchair. The links also include a list of handicap accessible beach accesses.

A seven-day visitor parking pass is available for $30 from the Lanier Parking Office in the Pavilion Parking Garage, Ninth Avenue North at Kings Highway.  The pass is good for seven consecutive days at all paid public parking area, but not in “decal only” parking areas. Please visit the cities website for more information:

Yes, golf carts are treated just like any other motor vehicle and thus must pay to park. Pay-to-Park season is March 1st-October 31st from 9AM-5PM at a rate of $2.00 per hour. The city has created a website that contains more information on how to pay for parking: